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Drug De Addiction

The Youth Veerangnayen Society has hosted free addiction and recovery training seminars with the focus being in the youth of country specially in schools, colleges at city and village level. This includes creating awareness by disseminating information, education, organizing quizzes, drawing and painting competition in schools and Nukkad Sabhas in the community, holding exhibitions and publishing newsletter.

The response from younger generation has been very encouraging during the seminars. They have come out openly and pledged to They have come out openly and pledged not to indulge themselves in drug abuse anymore and help their near and dear ones for the same.

Government has come out to support the cause and promised to provide all possible help. Besides this, the society organizes a free rehabilitation camp for a week at different places where people get rid of all types of the intoxication by following yoga, distress therapy and medication methods in the presence of an experienced doctor.