Social Attach

Women Empowerment

Youth Veerangnayen, in accordance with the spirit of its mission, has opened multiple avenues to those women who are desirous of starting ventures to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families thereby becoming independent and self reliant. Some of the Live examples of EmPOWERment in this area have been visualized through

  • Job oriented Vocational Training (certified course) for women and unemployed youth. The courses include tailoring(6 months certificate course), beautician(6 months certificate course), pickle making, knitted garments, handbags etc.
  • Rehabilitation of victims of trafficking for women and children
  • To provide education to girls
  • To provide free education in slum areas through evening study centers
  • To provide adequate nutrition to pregnant women
  • To make women aware of their legal rights
  • To provide and facilitate primary health care services and awareness on the prevention
  • To encourage the society against the social stigmas of child-marriage, child labor, dowry system etc.
  • To inspire the people to plant the trees and saplings to have the better surroundings
  • To distribute free clothes to the needy ones
  • To motivate the young generation to assist the society work to improve socio-economic conditions of society people
  • To organize various programs aiming at promoting awareness among the masses about family planning
  • To organize HIV/AIDS awareness camps in rural areas